We want to encourage caring white men to explore what is helpful for them.  

Below are links and self-descriptions of other men’s groups in the United States and several other relevant sources.     

We have not reviewed all of what is listed below.   Their listing here is in no way an endorsement of them.




A Call to Men - We work to transform society by promoting healthy, respectful manhood and offering trainings and educational resources for companies, government agencies, schools, and community groups.  A Call To Men offers an invitation to men, not an indictment of manhood.

Fathering Together  - Fathering Together sees an equitable world where fathers are actively engaged in the lives of their children.

Fathering Together’s mission is to build supportive communities for fathers* enriched by resources and storytelling.

Fathering Together recognizes that fathers come in many forms. Fathers can be biological dads, stepfathers, dads who adopt, uncles, grandfathers, and mentors. They are cisgendered, non-binary, heterosexual and gay. All are welcome to join in our communities and strengthen their roles, duties, and identities.

DIGNITYUSA - DignityUSA works for respect and justice for people of all sexual orientations, genders, and gender identities—especially gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons—in the Catholic Church and the world through education, advocacy, and support.

The Good Men Project - We explore the world of men and manhood in a way that no media company ever has, tackling the issues and questions that are most relevant to men’s lives. We write about relationships, social justice, fatherhood, family, ethics, gender, politics, sports, climate, education, and much more. -   A hub for resources, programming, and information about allyship, healthy masculinity, and gender equity. 

Mankind Project USA - We are building and supporting the emotionally mature, accountable, and compassionate male role models that our communities so desperately need.


MenLiving – MenLiving is a non-profit committed to improving men’s lives through connection.  We create opportunities for men to gather together to give and get support and build friendship.

Muslims For Progressive Values - As Muslims for Progressive Values, we advocate for human rights, social justice and inclusion in the United States and around the world.


NOMAS – The National Organization for Men Against Sexism – The  National Organization for Men Against Sexism is an activist organization of men and women supporting positive changes for men.e National Organization for Men Against Sexism is an tivist o

Organizing White Men for Collective Liberation – A national network mobilizing white men to learn, grow and take action against white supremacy and patriarchy.

STAND – (East Bay-San Francisco Area) – White Men for Racial, Gender and Economic Justice - STAND is a group of people who benefit from white, male privilege in the Bay Area engaging in movements for racial, gender, and economic justice. We participate with social action accountable to the leadership of those most impacted by oppression.

SURJ – Showing Up for Racial Justice- SURJ’s role as part of a multi-racial movement is to undermine white support for white supremacy and to help build a racially-just society.

Victories – (Chicago Area) - Victories offers a safe and empowering place for men to discover more about themselves, to connect with other men, and to build the meaningful life they deserve



Voice Male Magazine Voice Male assists men and boys on the journey to an egalitarian manhood championing gender justice for all.


XY Online - XY is a website focused on men, masculinities, and gender politics. XY is a space for the exploration of issues of gender and sexuality, the daily issues of men’s and women’s lives, and practical discussion of personal and social change.

XY features 100s of articles on key ‘men’s issues’, from fathering and men’s health to the relationships between masculinity, class, race and sexuality, to domestic violence. XY makes available key national and international guides and manuals to working with men and boys and engaging men and boys in projects of building gender equality, ending violence against women, and striving for social justice. XY also includes personal stories, book reviews, and links to related websites.





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