We as white men are often having a rough time these days. The pressures and expectations from our daily lives overwhelm us at times, and we feel as though nobody wants to hear about our struggles. Covid-19 has only accentuated many of our issues. Some of us are lashing out at others, including our partners, as well as outward at “The System”. Others are struggling, often feeling alone and not heard.

We as Caring White Men:

  1. Want to work with each other to positively help ourselves grow

  2. The only “profit” we will get is our growth together.

  3. We are not part of a religious or political movement.

  4. Taking personal responsibility, supporting each other (and ourselves) is important to us.

  5. Our effort can not be a substitute for mental health treatment and/or Twelve Step or other programs for addiction issues.

We each have our own issues such as feeling:

  1. alone – with no one understanding us,

  2. that we are good guys, but that things just feel overwhelming too often,

  3. that we are not good fathers (when we have children),

  4. there needs to be more to life than our jobs,

  5. that talking with other men about sports and women isn’t enough

  6. emotionally dependent solely upon our partners (if we are partnered),

  7. a desire to get closer to our families and friends,

  8. that the political divide is wrong, but we feel helpless in trying to break down barriers that separate us,

  9. that we want to be better neighbors to those around us who are “different”.  They may, for example,  be  – Black, older/younger, gay/lesbian/heterosexual, differently abled,

  10. and/or – many other issues

We are starting a national zoom support group so we talk with each other. We will listen and share with each other discovering how we:

  1. are similar to each other,

  2. are each unique, and

  3. can care for each other and ourselves together.

Gradually we will expand and build more and more similar groups.

Why (only) men and white men?

  1. Around women we often hide our true feelings,

  2. With men we can more easily listen and share,

  3. Around Black, LatinX, Asian-American, and Native American men we often avoid talking about some of the tough issues related to the growing diversity in our country,

As we grow together, we can build better, more caring ties to others who are not white men.

We welcome:

1. Questions

2. Dialogue

3. Other Men to Help Us Organize

To Make Contact:

1. Email: CaringWhiteMen(at)gmail(dot)com or

2. Call: (Too-Oh-Six) - For-Nine-Eight - Too-Five-Seven-Five)

Thank You!


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